An American Ascent documentary screening

Join NAAM as we continue our Black and Abroad programming with our AfroPop Film Series in collaboration with the National Black Programming Consortium. We are excited to screen our fourth film from the series, An American Ascent by George Potter and Andy Adkins. Summary An American Ascent documents the first African-American expedition to tackle Denali […]
Sep 25, 2017
The psychedelic effects of ayahuasca tea actually result from the combination of the ayahuasca vine with other plants that contain DMT. (Photo from Flickr by Jairo Galvis Henao)

Legal Ayahuasca? Pierce County church offers Peruvian psychedelic ceremony

Is it any surprise that the first church in the U.S. to publicly advertise ayahuasca ceremonies is right here in Washington state?
Jan 25, 2016