Protesters in July calling for the ouster of Mohamed Morsi hold a photo General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. (Photo from REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

Egypt’s long and winding road back to square one

After two and a half years of turmoil, what have we Egyptians really gained?
Aug 25, 2013
Thousands gather outside the presidential palace in Cairo on July 2nd demanding the removal of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. (Photo by Keith Lane )

What the heck is happening in Egypt?

For a young Egyptian-American in Seattle, understanding developments in Egypt means a lot more than just tuning in to cable news.
Jul 24, 2013
Egypt Elections

A Globalist primer on the Egyptian elections

Egyptians went to the polls this week to vote in the first presidential election since the revolution last year. If all goes according to plan, the winner will be the first freely elected president in Egypt’s history, and the standard bearer for a new era of politics in the Middle East. In short, this is […]
May 24, 2012