Puyallup Watershed Initiative connects sense of place, identity in environmental work

In the following interview, PWI acting director Jennifer Chang and community board member Kathryn Mahan talk about the ways that environment and identity coalesce in both their own lives as well as the work they do with PWI.
Jul 3, 2018

Nurturing the Environment and Food Access

Join us at Camp Long to talk about race in the context of Nurturing the Environment and Food Access. This outdoor workshop will create space for community members to engage in courageous conversations that rely on sustaining vulnerability rather than instant resolution. This event will explore how our food systems are connected to racial injustice, […]
May 16, 2018
An image overlooking looking Seattle from a patch of green grass. Which will triumph?

Live to learn under the sun – why the environment could be making all the difference to your child’s daycare

Green grass, flowering bushes with the buzzing bees and the huge trees offering a nice patch of shade… it seems like the perfect way for your child to grow up learning about the environment and finding a way to live in harmony with nature. Coincidentally, Seattle is the perfect city, with a good amount of […]
Jul 23, 2015