2016 Seattle May Day (Photo by DJ Martinez)

Why We March: Snapshots from Seattle May Day

For the 10th straight year, hundreds of Seattleites came out for the May Day workers' and immigrants' rights march. We asked a few why they were marching this year.
May 1, 2016

Now free, Nestora Salgado continues her fight against corruption in Mexico

Nestora Salgado is now a free woman, but that doesn't mean her fight is over. She says she intends to continue to fight corruption in Mexico.
Apr 25, 2016

Nestora Salgado returns to Seattle after Mexican court dismisses charges

Community police force leader Nestora Salgado, cleared of wrongdoing this month after two years in jail in Mexico, returned to her Renton home Tuesday.
Mar 22, 2016

Update: Community police leader Nestora Salgado released from Mexican prison

Renton grandmother and Mexican community police force leader Nestora Salgado had been jailed for two and a half years awaiting trial on kidnapping charges.
Mar 17, 2016

UN rules Nestora Salgado illegally detained in Mexico

Supporters of Nestora Salgado, a U.S. citizen who organized a community police force, are urging the U.S. government to press Mexico for her freedom.
Feb 9, 2016
Protesters in Guerrero marched earlier this year with a cutout of Nestora Salgado. The Renton mom became leader of a community police force in her home town, and has been held in jail for two years. (Photo by Fernando Salgado)

Meeting La Comandante: a jailhouse interview with Nestora Salgado

Nestora Salgado gave up a quiet life near Seattle to lead a community police force in her hometown in Mexico. Now she continues her activism from a prison cell.
Nov 5, 2015

Activism unjustly criminalized in Nestora Salgado case

The activism of Nestora Salgado has been criminalized, like in many cases in Mexico, her attorneys write.
Sep 1, 2015

Nestora Salgado accusers fail to appear in court; supporters mark anniversary

Nestora Salgado, who led a community police force in her hometown in Mexico, marks two years in jail without the chance to address the charges against her.
Aug 24, 2015

Nestora Salgado moved to medical unit in Mexico City prison

Nestora Salgado, who had been head of a community police force, has been transferred from a maximum security prison to a medical unit in Mexico City.
Jun 2, 2015

Renton woman Nestora Salgado on hunger strike in Mexican prison

Nestora Salgado Garcia, who ran a community police force in Mexico until her arrest in 2013, is protesting her conditions and her detention.
May 15, 2015
Nestora Salgado addresses the community police force she lead in Olinalá, Mexico, prior to her arrest last year. (Still from Youtube)

Mexican governor calls for release of militia leader from Renton

Nestora Salgado, the Renton woman who returned to Mexico to head a community police force, should be a free woman, said Guerrero's interim governor, Rogelio Ortega.
Jan 9, 2015