Seattle hip hop artist Draze performs at the EMP's Black History Month Kickoff on Saturday. (Photo by Jama Abdirahman)

5 unlikely highlights at this weekend’s Folklife Festival

The Northwest Folklife Festival sheds its hippy image with some incredible free events celebrating global and local cultures this weekend.
May 22, 2015
A mariachi band performs at a Cinco de Mayo party (Photo from Flickr via U.S. Army Korea)

5 ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Seattle

Five upcoming activities in the Seattle area for those looking to embrace Mexican culture (or at least have an excuse to eat tacos).
May 1, 2015
Young fans ask La Avispa for pictures and matching autographs after the final match (Photo by Olivia Fuller)

Lucha Libre has a grip on Northwest wrestling fans

Lucha libre — amateur Mexican-style wrestling — has gained a surprising following in the Northwest.
Apr 30, 2015

Back from mission, Seattle Christian is culture-shocked by non-religious city

After four years on mission in Nicaragua, 18-year-old Josh McGrew feels like he's taking a risk by being Christian in Seattle, where less than half of people identify as religious.
Mar 5, 2015