Iranian pop singer Amitis and Snoop Dogg, united by green screen. (Photo via YouTube)

Snoop Dogg as gateway to Iranian culture?

Am I the only Iranian American excited about this new Snoop Dogg cameo?
Jun 8, 2015

The rice is right: a Globalist guide to Persian eating

Welcome to Iranian culture, where hospitality is king and food is the first step to friendship. 
Jul 10, 2013

Beyond the matzo: Finding a global meaning in Passover

When I was growing up, Passover was the holiday where I sat around a table with my family reading the story of our distant ancestors, eating strange food combinations like raw horseradish, herbs dipped in vinegar, and chanting prayers that always seemed too long. It was the week I reluctantly had to explain to all […]
Apr 6, 2012

In Iranian film ‘A Separation’ the personal is political

Iranian film A Separation, now playing in Seattle at the Egyptian, has been met with almost freakish levels of acclaim: Its scored 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, has been almost universally praised by critics, and is up for two Oscars. If you’re groaning a little inside imagining a foreign film that everybody loved because they felt like they […]
Feb 7, 2012