“7th and Jackson” revisits a Seattle crossroads of history, place and culture

Through drama and jazz, writer/director Sara Porkalob revisits a historical crossroads of Seattle’s Chinatown-International District in “7th and Jackson.”
Jul 31, 2019

Sara Porkalob pushes past expectations as an artist and activist

Sara Porkalob, who stars in Book It Repertory's "Howl's Moving Castle," has made a name pushing boundaries in theater.
Dec 5, 2017
Ina Chang (Umma) and Skye Stephenson (Hannah) star in "Do It For Umma." (Photo by Ian Johnston of Dangerpants Photography)

“Do It For Umma” reinvents Hamlet as a young, Korean-American heroine

Unlike Hamlet, "Do it for Umma" protagonist Hannah, has a dead, guilt-tripping Korean immigrant mom to contend with.
Feb 2, 2016