The Voices of Children: A Documentary Screening and Dialogue on Children’s Rights

Children have the right to be heard. Through language, drawings, movement, and play, children strive to communicate their beliefs, understandings, and needs. But often children’s experiences are discounted, their contributions to society minimized, and their voices silenced. If we listen to children’s ideas and closely observe their actions, what can we learn of their views about […]
Nov 7, 2017

23 Seattle landlords charged in discrimination probe

As hard as it might be to rent in Seattle, families with children, people with disabilities and people with federal housing assistance have it harder, a city probe found. A city of Seattle investigation has resulted in 23 director’s charges against landlords for violations of fair housing laws, the city announced this week. The Seattle Office […]
May 3, 2016
The Station luxury apartments was one of 13 rental property sites charged with discrimination last month. (Photo by Christina Twu)

Problems in Seattle housing equity addressed in new local, federal plans

What could desegregation efforts mean for Seattle housing, according to new federal and city-level plans?
Jul 14, 2015