Getting ready to toss yee sang aka yu sheng. (Photo from Flickr by C.K. Koay)

Forget Pike Place, there’s a better reason to toss fish this Lunar New Year

Yee sang, a Chinese/Southeast Asian dish assembled through a high-flying Lunar New Year "prosperity toss" proves surprisingly hard to find in Seattle.
Jan 28, 2017

An Asian family’s first experience with American sizes

Aaron Wong recalls his family's reaction to the size of their hotel room and their dinner on their first day in the United States.
Dec 29, 2015

Top 5 things to do in Seattle this August

This month in Seattle: Breakfast with Singapore's ambassador, capoeira at lunch, and Caribbean jerk chicken dinner.
Aug 10, 2015

These motivational speakers from Singapore want you to follow your dreams

By the time I was in sixth grade, I had amassed binders full of drawings and dreamt of becoming an animator. My dad even designed me a business card that read “Ana S. Knauf – Artist” under a border of purple clipart flowers. But before long, my lola (that’s grandma to you) thought it was […]
Oct 21, 2014
Singapore — another shining city by the sea. (Photo by Erwin Soo via Flickr)

Seattle Singaporeans talk startups

Singapore tends to be a pretty risk-averse place. But Seattle is attracting some of the Southeast Asian city-state’s most entrepreneurial citizens.
Nov 14, 2013
Manila clams prepare to become curry. (Photo courtesy Kedai Makan)

Malaysian food hits Capitol Hill, eating instructions provided

Seattle tends to have its bases covered when it comes to Asian food. But the owners of Kedai Makan are working hard to introduce Malaysia’s eclectic cuisine to Northwest palates.
Oct 9, 2013

UW students represent at worldwide video game olympics in Vegas

Most Seattleites look forward to spending their summer in the sun. But for a few UW students, being holed up in front of a video game is not just a waste of good weather — it’s a quest for ultimate glory in the world’s largest video game tournament. 
Jul 17, 2013

Three videos you have to see: A $26,000 cocktail, airport holograms and PSY goes viral

Singapore mixes Asia’s most expensive drink  When a club dangles a one-karat diamond as a “garnish” on a drink, you know they’re taking lavish excess to a whole new level. And that’s just the tip of the decadent iceberg for this $26,000 cocktail made with Hennessy, champagne and edible gold flecks served by a gloved […]
Sep 28, 2012

Facebook co-founder claims globalist status to avoid taxes

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is catching heat from US senators for renouncing his American citizenship to avoid taxes. Saverin was born in Brazil, moved to the US at age 11, became a citizen at 16, and founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard. Then after all that stuff you saw in The Social Network […]
May 18, 2012