Budget Matters 2019 Policy Summit

Join the Washington State Budget & Policy Center for its annual policy summit! Policymakers, advocates, community leaders, students, and other civic-minded Washingtonians will be at the Budget Matters summit to discuss the racist impacts of our state’s broken tax code – and how we can work together to advance bold policy solutions that will help […]
Aug 6, 2019
A sign inside the glass of a Seattle drugstore drink cooler informs customers of the new “Soda Tax.” A classic 20 ounce bottle of Coca Cola might be priced at $2.00 but cost $2.35 due to the cola’s sugar content. (Photo by Mikaela Lobe)

Initiative 1634 aims to stop a future “soda tax”

The state initiative comes a year after Seattle passed a "soda tax" on drinks with sugar to pay for programs that address education and food disparities.
Oct 31, 2018

Civic Cocktail: Better Gardening + Tax Shock

Presented in partnership with Seattle Channel Better Gardening Author and renowned gardener Ciscoe Morris sits down with host Joni Balter to discuss why gardening is an essential part of Pacific Northwest communities, what grows best in this climate and shares his trade secrets. Tax Shock King County Assessor John Wilson, KVI-AM radio host John Carlson, and Sen. Reuven […]
Feb 21, 2018

Facebook co-founder claims globalist status to avoid taxes

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is catching heat from US senators for renouncing his American citizenship to avoid taxes. Saverin was born in Brazil, moved to the US at age 11, became a citizen at 16, and founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard. Then after all that stuff you saw in The Social Network […]
May 18, 2012