Want more than tourism? Try teaching public school in Chile

While I love to travel, I wanted more than just a snapshot of a cultural experience. I was looking for a genuine opportunity to engage in a complex and rich culture.
Jan 15, 2015
Two students. (Photo by Allison Reibel)

True tales of teaching English abroad: A strange year in China

Has fierce competition pushed Chinese kids to the brink?
May 8, 2014

Life after teaching abroad: a practical guide

Teaching abroad can be a great way to experience another country while getting paid, but the question becomes: what can you do next?
Aug 6, 2013

True tales of teaching abroad part two: When things go terribly wrong

Teaching English abroad can be a great experience. But take it from me, beware of placement agencies out to scam you.
May 8, 2013

True tales of teaching English abroad part one: Why it’s worth it

Some people think of teaching English abroad as some kind of paid vacation, or sight-seeing with a paycheck. It’s definitely not that easy. But in the end, it’s worth the challenge.
Apr 29, 2013