“Tides of Change” brings Afro-Brazilian spirituality to Fremont Solstice Parade

Yemonja is a central figure in the Seattle Women's Steel Pan Project's "Tides of Change," a performance that also speaks to the health of the oceans today.
Jun 14, 2018
Delicious Jamaican breakfast including ackee, plantain, breadfruit, and mango-pineapple juice. (Photo from Flickr by Christina Xu)

Culinary tours for women of color, coming soon to Seattle

Inspired by her Pan-Africanist upbringing in Seattle, Nacala Ayele plans to launch culinary tours exploring the cuisine of the global african diaspora.
Apr 13, 2015

Trinidad transplant puts musicians first on new indie label

Former Microsoft programmer Kirt Debique wanted to build a new kind of record label to supported Seattle musicians. So far, so good.
Apr 28, 2014