A long-planned entry to the U.S. goes differently than expected

When Lien Pham first immigrated to the United States, she was surprised to find that her arrival wasn't as easy as she had originally anticipated.
Jul 15, 2019

Susan Lieu traces the path from vengeance to understanding in “140 LBS”

Performance artist Susan Lieu's "140 LBS" explores patient rights, body image, the Vietnamese-American experience and her own journey to understanding her mother's death after plastic surgery.
Feb 11, 2019

SEAxSEA: The Southeast Asia x Seattle Film Festival

4:30pm-7:30pm, January 24-26, 2018 Thomson Hall 101 The SEAxSEA Film Festival is part of the Southeast Asia Center’s mission to actively organize Southeast Asia-related programs, and features films that explore Southeast Asia in its diversity, emphasizing underrepresented communities and youth-produced visions of the past, present, and future. On this, our inaugural year, we are proud […]
Jan 8, 2018

Vietnamese veterans continue to feel war’s lasting impact

Many Vietnamese refugees from the war, especially veterans, are still alive today, and have interesting and powerful stories to be told.
Aug 30, 2016

Vietnamese as a Second Language

A perspective from a native Vietnamese speaker, who has spent most of her life learning English.
Jul 6, 2016
Vietnamese currency honoring Ho Chi Minh. (Photo from Flickr by David Holt)

A communist’s guide to tipping in Seattle

Look at the American custom of tipping at restaurants through Vietnamese eyes and you'll see how strange and unfair the practice really is.
May 26, 2016
South Vietnamese refugees evacuated on a U.S. Navy vessel during the fall of Saigon in 1975. Thousands of refugees were resettled in the United States. (Photo via U.S. Marines)

Vietnamese refugees’ success story proves we can help Syrians

The Vietnamese Friendship Association, founded to help resettle refugees in the 1970’s, says they're ready to help a new wave from Syria.
Nov 25, 2015

Asian LGBTQ students speak up on being out at UW

LGBTQ students at UW who hail from Asian countries talk about the differences between being out in Seattle versus attitudes in their home countries.
Jun 9, 2015
There is a lack of language programs for public school students in the international community. Students can study Spanish, French and German but there are no East African languages and very few Asian languages despite the fact that we have many speakers from those regions. The White Center Heights dual langauge Vietnamese program is one exception. (Photo by Ellen Banner / The Seattle Times)

Vietnamese dual language program a big hit at White Center school

Educators behind a new Vietnamese-language immersion program at White Center Heights Elementary School hope to prove the power of dual-language learning.
Jan 30, 2015
Lion dancers help celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in Seattle’s International District in 2011. (Photo by Joe Mabel)

5 ways to ring in the Lunar New Year in the Northwest

The Year of the Sheep is coming! Where to catch the Lunar New Year action around the Seattle area.
Jan 21, 2015
Harold Jones, a paralegal specialist and diversity officer at Navy Medicine Support Command, reads to first-grade students as part of a community volunteer program. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Bruce Cummins)

South King County schools see big wins getting immigrant parents involved

For the first time this year, the majority of kids enrolled in American public schools will be minorities. Some local school districts are ready.
Aug 18, 2014
Backpacker enjoying street food at a curbside cafe in Haiphong. (Photo from Flickr by HRamirez)

Sister city travel guide: Haiphong, Vietnam

On a bus on my way to Haiphong,  Seattle’s Vietnamese sister city, I chatted with another young American about our travels. He mentioned that it was his “second tour through Vietnam.” Forty years ago, a “tour” in Vietnam meant something entirely different for young Americans. In the space of just one generation, the setting of […]
May 6, 2014
Dancers in traditional costumes at a New Year's parade in Laos. (Photo by Darren Donahue)

Seattle’s Lao refugees reconnect with their homeland

Most Americans born after the Vietnam War know little about the country of Laos, much less about the U.S.’s contentious role in its history. But in Seattle, host to one of the largest Lao communities in the United States, Laotian culture and history are a vital part of our city. Pom Khampradith, Director of the […]
Mar 26, 2014
The author with his mother and two sisters in 2003. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Tran)

How I never learned to speak Vietnamese

Alex Tran feels guilty he never really learned to speak Vietnamese. But is it really his fault?
Feb 17, 2014
(Photo by Brett Konen)

Three ways to get a global coffee fix in Seattle

A guide to the diverse international coffee scene that often flies below our over-caffeinated radar. 
Jan 7, 2014

Travel comics: Making Tide

A couple witnesses tragedy while traveling in Vietnam in an excerpt from Eroyn Franklin’s new comic.
Jun 10, 2013