Seattle resident Hawo Abdi Farah, a Somali, is worried about possible bank-transfer restrictions that would affect her ability to wire money to relatives in Somalia. (Photo by Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)

Bank restrictions threaten Somalia’s remittance lifeline

Immigrants in the Northwest send millions of dollars to relatives Somalia every year. But international banks backpedalling from anti-terrorism laws could cut off the flow.
Sep 13, 2013
United States Army photograph of Bradley Manning (via Wikipedia)

Bradley Manning’s defiant statement against the War on Terror

“Sometimes you have to pay a heavy price to live in a free society.”
Aug 21, 2013

Obama addresses drones and Gitmo in rowdy speech

President Obama just wrapped up a major national security speech, defending drone policy but rejecting the notion of a “boundless global war on terror.”
May 23, 2013

From peace to chaos in Mali

In a little over a year, Mali has gone from a tourist destination to the newest front in the War on Terror. A former visitor reflects on how life has changed for the friends she made in Mali.
May 22, 2013

News Roundup – Diversity in Tukwila, Soda Diplomacy and an Endless War on Terror

(Photo by Erika Schultz/THE SEATTLE TIMES ) Diversity Means Opportunity in Tukwila – From Somalis to Bosnians to Nepalis, Seattle Times photographer Erika Schultz put together a brilliant photographic tour of diverse immigrant communities in Tukwila.
May 21, 2013