New fellowship aims to diversify a very white global philanthropy field

There’s no denying the power of purse strings. Those who control money control much of the world. And that’s as true for charity work as it is for politics or business. Here in Seattle, home to powerhouses like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we understand the global influence of foundation giving. But despite its […]
Jun 10, 2016
Pastor George Everett, at an Ebola Relief concert in 2014 (Photo courtesy Tino Tran)

Kent congregation raising money to build Ebola orphanage in Liberia

A local Liberian American congregation is raising money to build an orphanage for children left parentless because of Ebola.
Nov 27, 2015
Delicious Jamaican breakfast including ackee, plantain, breadfruit, and mango-pineapple juice. (Photo from Flickr by Christina Xu)

Culinary tours for women of color, coming soon to Seattle

Inspired by her Pan-Africanist upbringing in Seattle, Nacala Ayele plans to launch culinary tours exploring the cuisine of the global african diaspora.
Apr 13, 2015
Gambian protest coup

Local Gambians turn out in support of coup attempt

Were U.S. authorities wrong to arrest two immigrants for trying to overthrow the Gambian government?
Jan 27, 2015
Pastor George Everett speaking to Mercer Island Presbyterian Church about the Ebola outbreak in his home country of Liberia. (Photo by Sarah Stuteville)

Ebola crisis taking a toll on local Liberians

Liberian-Americans say they have the knowledge to help contain the outbreak in their home country, but they don't have the money
Oct 17, 2014
David La at the UW’s Baker Laboratory is part of a team working on potential Ebola treatments, but they’re also crowdsourcing ideas over the Internet relating to a cure. (Photo by Mark Harrison / The Seattle Times)

Northwest labs and donors leading the fight against Ebola

As Ebola spreads at alarming rates in West Africa, local labs are leading the race for an effective treatment.
Sep 19, 2014
La Teranga Senegalese restaurant in Columbia City. (Photo by Reagan Jackson

A hole-in-the-wall gateway to West African flavors

The tiny La Teranga restaurant in Columbia City is one of a small handful of West African restaurants in the Northwest.
Feb 3, 2014
Children fetching water from Cockle Bay, in Freetown. (Photo from Flickr by Matt Stephenson)

Refugee from Sierra Leone puts personal struggle with PTSD to work for others

Salifu Mansaray has turned his own experience of trauma from Sierra Leone’s bloody civil war into an asset in serving mentally ill seniors in Burien.
Aug 19, 2013