Wing Luke museum examines legacy of Seattle housing discrimination

"Excluded, Inside the Lines" explores the history and lasting effects of housing discrimination and redlining in Seattle on communities of color.
Mar 12, 2019

Wing Luke Museum seeks stories, art for Immigration Act exhibit

Your stories, artwork, music or poetry about immigrating to the United States could be part of an upcoming online exhibit commemorating the Immigration Act of 1965 at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. The Wing is seeking submissions for an upcoming exhibition on the Immigration Act of 1965, which abolished the United States’ […]
Jan 7, 2015
"American Dresser," 2014 by Thuy-Van Vu. Image courtesy of G. Gibson Gallery.

Thuy-Van Vu paints the extraordinary lives behind ordinary objects

While some artists seek to capture the extraordinary, Thuy-Van Vu is more concerned with the mundane — but just as revealing — objects of our lives. The paintings in her newest show at G. Gibson Gallery showcases domestic, archaic items like stools, clunky dressers and typewriters. These objects, usually found amidst the other clutter in […]
Apr 2, 2014

War Baby / Love Child: Q&A with curator Laura Kina

War Baby/ Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art opens at 7pm tonight at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian American Experience.
Aug 8, 2013
"1969, 2010, " Archival pigment print by Canh Nguyen. Part of the Under My Skin Exhibit at Wing Luke.

Is George Zimmerman white, Latino or mixed race? Depends on who you ask.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the George Zimmerman verdict was handed down, and the conversations in my Facebook feed have shifted from outrage and sorrow to more nuanced discussions of the state of race in the U.S.
Aug 1, 2013
“Gosei” depicts Laura Kina’s daughter and is one of Kina’s five pieces at the new Wing Luke Museum exhibit, Under My Skin. (Photo via

You don’t have to be mixed-race to have a mixed identity

A new exhibit at the Wing Luke museum is part of a growing movement that says our identity is a personal choice, not a fact of birth.
Jun 24, 2013

4 picks from The Seattle Asian American Film Festival

I’m pretty used to complaining. And as a professor of Asian American media, believe me, I’ve got lots to complain about. From the underrepresentation of Asian Americans on film and television to the appalling stereotypes that often typify the rare times we do appear (see Two Broke Girls) to the persistence of yellowface as an […]
Jan 22, 2013

From workroom to runway, Wing Luke honors Asian influences on fashion

Remember a couple years ago when GQ named Seattle one of the worst-dressed cities in the United States? Well clearly, they weren’t looking in the right places. The Wing Luke Museum, in the International District, highlights the stories of local Asian Pacific American communities through imaginative exhibits and tours. It’s an unlikely place to find […]
Jan 14, 2013