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The Seattle Globalist is a daily publication covering the connections between Seattle and the rest of the globe. It’s where Seattle meets the world.

Our mission is to elevate diverse voices through media.

Seattle is a city with a big worldview. Named a “hyper-diverse city” by the Migration Policy Institute, more than a quarter of Seattle residents are foreign-born. Seattleites are exceptionally well traveled and the city is home to a bustling economy of businesses and nonprofits whose impact is felt across the globe.

The Globalist features travel writing from a Northwest perspective, restaurant and music reviews, a calendar of cultural events, and perspectives on global news from Seattle’s international population. Behind this layer of content is a robust community of Globalists—travelers, immigrants, global health workers, students, foreign film buffs, foodies— all the Seattleites who identify as “Globalists.”

What We Do

The Seattle Globalist publishes a daily news site focused on international connections in the Pacific Northwest. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates. We host regular community events, including journalism workshops; happy hours; travel slideshows and more! Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events.

We support innovative international journalism projects by media makers in our community (such as BARZANSlum Rising, Generation Putin and Cost of Gender).

We provide journalism training and publishing opportunities for underserved youth through our Apprenticeship program and Globalist Youth workshops. Check out our Globalist Youth page for information on upcoming programs.

Our Supporters

The Seattle Globalist is a trade name of The Common Language Project, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Globalist is housed by the University of Washington, Department of Communication. Financial support comes from our partners and sponsors, reporting grants, and individual donors.

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Seattle Globalist staff, volunteers, journalists, contributors and editors follow the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and have taken the TAO of Journalism Pledge to be Transparent, Accountable and Open. The Seattle Globalist is a member of the Investigative News Network. The Seattle Globalist receives pro bono legal assistance through the Online Media Legal Network. The Seattle Globalist is a silver-level GuideStar Exchange participant.

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