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Jessica Partnow, Cofounder & Executive Director

Jessica is executive director and a co-founder of The Seattle Globalist. She is an international radio journalist whose work has been broadcast by dozens of public radio stations, networks and programs. She was a Knight New Media Fellow at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. She has received two Edward R. Murrow Awards, regionally for her radio series Life on the Duwamish and nationally for Generation Putin, an hour-long public radio special on young people and political change in the former Soviet Union. Jessica also teaches journalism at the University of Washington.

Email: jessica@seattleglobalist.com.

Alex Stonehill, Cofounder & Editor in Chief

Alex is a cofounder and Editor in Chief of The Seattle Globalist. He has a background as a visual journalist and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Syria, Ethiopia and Pakistan. His work has been published by PBS, The Seattle Times, FRONTLINE/World and the Seattle Weekly. He recently directed the award-winning documentary BARZAN and he teaches journalism in the University of Washington’s Department of Communication.

Email: alex@seattleglobalist.com.

Sarah Stuteville, Cofounder & Creative Director

Sarah Stuteville is a print and multimedia journalist and a cofounder of The Seattle Globalist. Stuteville won the 2014 Educator of the Year award from the Society of Professional Journalists Northwest, and her journalism has been honored with numerous awards including the 2014 SPJNW award for best online column, and a Sigma Delta Chi Award for magazine writing. She writes a weekly column on our region’s international connections that is shared by the Seattle Globalist and The Seattle Times and funded with a grant from Seattle International Foundation. She is a former board member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Western Washington chapter, and is a current member of the board of directors of Short Run Seattle.

Email: sarah@seattleglobalist.com.

Staff & Columnists

Forrest Baum, Calendar Editor

Forrest Baum is a father, filmmaker, animator, and standup comedian. He hosts Academia Nut! (a science show on Hollow Earth Radio), and can usually be found biking about town to lectures.

Email: forrest@seattleglobalist.com.

Venice Buhain, News Editor

Venice Buhain is an online and print journalist whose work has appeared on TVW, Patch, The Olympian and other news organizations. She has covered diversity, education, politics and state and local issues. In her spare time, she likes to cook, play the ukulele and learn about other people’s stories.

Email: venice@seattleglobalist.com.

Anna Goren, Columnist

Anna Goren is a writer, carrying on the Jewish tradition of having strong opinions about justice, and food. In this effort, she has worked with food banks, farmers markets, health clinics, grocery startups, and farms. Her freelance work has been published in The Atlantic, Crosscut, Bicycle Times Magazine, and others. She graduated from McGill University in Montreal, QC where she conducted research on social policy in the School of Social Work. When she’s not writing for The Globalist, she is consulting with non-profits, teaching poetry in the King County Jail, and obsessing over her leftovers.

Email: annagoren@seattleglobalist.com.

Reagan Jackson, Columnist

Reagan Jackson is a writer, artist, activist, international educator and award winning journalist. She’s been a regular contributor to the Seattle Globalist since 2013. Her self published works include two children’s books (Coco LaSwish: A Fish from a Different Rainbow and Coco LaSwish: When Rainbows Go Blue) and three collections of poetry (God, Hair, Love, and America, Love and Guatemala, and Summoning Unicorns). To find out more check her out at www.rejjarts.com.

Email: reagan@seattleglobalist.com.

DJ Martinez, Youth Program Coordinator

DJ Martinez

DJ is a trans activist & performing artist originally from Richmond, California. He has worked in various after school programs and internships that primarily focused on youth development and digital media. With a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering, DJ is passionate about art and pop culture, and is committed to exploring & cultivating these areas through a social justice lens with young community members.

Email: djmartinez@seattleglobalist.com.

Christina Twu, Community Engagement Editor

Christina Twu heads up our community workshop series and works with contributors. She’s received regional recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists for her reporting on race and education, and prior to the Globalist, served as editor in chief of the International Examiner. Off editing duty, she speaks Chinglish and supports revolutionary work, including that of Got Green, an organization for which she now serves on the board.

Email: christina@seattleglobalist.com.

2015 Globalist Apprentices

Jama Abdirahman

Jama Abdirahman

Jama Abdirahman is an aspiring photographer, filmmaker and student at Seattle Central College. He currently runs a blog called People of Seattle Central inspired by Humans of New York and has a small film production called FarScape Productions.

Email: jama@seattleglobalist.com.

Joy Okot-Okidi

Joy Okot-Okidi

Joy is a running start student at Bellevue College with a passion for social justice. She loves photography, writing poetry, singing and fashion. You can find her spending her time at poetry slams, studying in the library, or jamming out to music.

Email: joy.o@seattleglobalist.com.

Tim Kim

Tim Kim

Tim is an incoming Radio/TV/Film student at Northwestern University in Chicago with an interest in communications. He hopes to one day either work as a producer in the film industry, travel the world as a journalist, or if all else fails, work on Wall Street as an investment banker.

Email: timkim@seattleglobalist.com.

Alia Marsha

Alia Marsha

Alia Marsha is a Media and Communications major at UW Bothell minoring in Human Rights. In early 2015 along with a dedicated group of students she helped revive UW Bothell student newspaper Husky Herald. She is a Seattle transplant who has lived in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia where she was born and raised.

Email: alia@seattleglobalist.com.


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