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Travis Quezon, Executive Director

Travis Quezon

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, Travis Quezon has a degree in English from the University of Hawai‘i and also attended Kapi‘olani Community College. He was the managing editor and interim editor of the Honolulu Weekly and executive editor of The Hawai‘i Independent.

While in Hawai‘i, Quezon won a Hawai‘i Publishers PAI award for enterprise reporting on Honolulu’s homeless communities in 2008. He also worked as a communications specialist for Hawai‘i State Representative Mele Carroll, who at the time, was chair of the House Committee on Hawaiian Affairs. Quezon also worked as a freelance journalist for Reuters and Bloomberg. He covered a variety of international stories, including the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, and President Barack Obama’s visits to Hawai‘i.

In Seattle, Quezon was the editor in chief and executive director of the International Examiner from 2013 to 2017. Quezon came on board as executive director of The Seattle Globalist in December 2017.

Email: travis@seattleglobalist.com | Twitter: @travisquezon

Venice Buhain, Editorial Director

Venice Buhain. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

Venice Buhain is an online and print journalist whose work has appeared on TVW News, Patch, The Olympian and other news organizations. Venice has covered diversity, education, politics and state and local issues.

She also is the past Seattle chapter president of the Asian American Journalists Association.

Email: venice@seattleglobalist.com | Twitter: @venicebuhain | Instagram: @venicebuhain

Ann Lowe, Operations and Development Associate

A native Washingtonian, Ann fell in love with the power of storytelling when they were only 13 years old. This passion led them to receive a dual major in Literature and Theatre Stage Management from Western Washington University. To combine this training with more than a decade of nonprofit involvement, Ann is currently expanding their education through the Master in Nonprofit Leadership program at Seattle University. In their spare time, Ann enjoys being a foodie with their partner, exploring Seattle via running and bicycling and volunteering with the Low Income Housing Institute as a tiny house builder.

Email: ann@seattleglobalist.com | Instagram: @lezmusealittle

Rezina Habtemariam, Education Manager

Rezina Habtemariam is a Seattle-based writer, educator, and curator. She has worked in education for several years and was previously the Director of Student Engagement & Equity at Shoreline Community College. Rezina received her M.A. in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington where she studied the relationship between structural power, violence, and cultural production.

Email: rezina@seattleglobalist.com

Zijun Cathy You, Editorial Assistant

Cathy Zijun You is a fresh college graduate from the University of Washington, who is dedicated to the field of journalism, especially to visual journalism. She regards the image as one kind of powerful language that has the potential to change the world. She loves reading, writing, traveling, and of course, photography.


Reporters & Columnists

Reagan Jackson, Columnist

Reagan Jackson

Reagan Jackson is a writer, artist, activist, international educator and award winning journalist. She’s been a regular contributor to the Seattle Globalist since 2013.

Her self published works include two children’s books (Coco LaSwish: A Fish from a Different Rainbow and Coco LaSwish: When Rainbows Go Blue) and three collections of poetry (God, Hair, Love, and America, Love and Guatemala, and Summoning Unicorns). To find out more check her out at www.rejjarts.com.
Email: reagan@seattleglobalist.com.

Goorish Wibneh, Reporter

Goorish Wibneh

Goorish Wibneh joined the Globalist as a contributor in February 2015, became an intern that summer, and was promoted to reporter in October 2015. His line of work is in the Infosec field: digital forensics, network exploitation and vulnerability analysis. Oh, and journalism.

Goorish can be found playing chess before or after drinking beer. He enjoys learning about languages, history and culture. He has traveled to a few countries around the world for “fun and profit.”I pretend to understand politics, philosophy and rational thinking. Goorish won a 2015 Globie award for his reporting.

Email: goorish@seattleglobalist.com.

2017 Globalist Apprentices

Zubeyda Ahmed

Zubeyda Ahmed is an aspiring global citizen and journalist studying International Studies at the University of Washington Seattle. She has a strong interest in African, Asian and Middle Eastern foreign politics and the interconnections between all regions. She is currently a board member of University of Washington’s Black Student Union, where she is the Chair of Outreach and Recruitment. Her role is to engage with students to recruit new members and make sure that all their concerns are addressed. She is very passionate about global politics, social justice, human rights and equity. In her spare time, you can find her binge-watching Netflix, in a face mask, eating and exploring Seattle!

Email: zubeyda@seattleglobalist.com

Gavin Amos-Lopez

Gavin Amos-Lopez came to Seattle by way of Central California. He currently is a part-time Barista and part-time agitator. He enjoys trips to the gas station, cigarillos, reading books he finds on the streets and sowing seeds of working-class dissent. He studies Computer Science and one day hopes selfies will become a form of revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Email: gavin@seattleglobalist.com.

Robiel Bahta

Robiel Bahta is an aspiring radio broadcaster who has a love for communicating over the air. He’s volunteered with KUGS 89.3 on Western’s campus as a news anchor graduating from the University this last Spring 2017. He is especially interested in communicating important information over the air for the benefit of society. Whether he’d be reporting breaking news, crises or social issues Robiel believes reporting to the general is important. Which is why he chose The Seattle Globalist.

Email: robiel@seattleglobalist.com.

Sumaya Dirie

Sumaya Dirie is a college student at Seattle Central, an aspiring criminal psychologist, and a lover of the arts. Though her parents come from Somalia, Sumaya has been in Seattle her entire life. She looks forward to making a name for herself in the community with all of the amazing opportunities headed her way.

Email: sumaya@seattleglobalist.com.

Aaron Jin

Aaron Jin is an emerging media professional and proud social justice worker. With a background in nonprofit arts, Aaron seeks to change the narrative about people marginalized by mainstream media with the people marginalized by mainstream media. He facilitates conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion with theatre-makers in Seattle and around the nation as part of the 2017 national artEquity cohort. Aaron loves writing Facebook statuses and vlogging, and can’t wait to dive into this work with The Seattle Globalist apprentice cohort and team.

Email: aaron@seattleglobalist.com.

Karen Maniraho

Karen Maniraho is a writer and digital media storyteller based in Seattle. Born in Canada and raised in Washington, she believes that diverse storytelling can encourage critical change and thoughtful conversations about our identities and our rights across borders. As the daughter of Burundian immigrants, Karen is deeply interested in amplifying the stories caught in the intersections between migration, culture, and gender within African diaspora communities. She is a proud graduate of the University of Washington.

Email: karen@seattleglobalist.com.


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